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Posted on 11.25, 2021

12/3(Fri.) Bar time

Sexy Shirt Day !!

Posted on 11.10, 2021

Manager TOMO's Birthday Party!!
12/4(Sat)12:00 ~ 24:00

Store manager TOMO’s Birthday Party!!
Bringing in birthday gifts ¥1,000 OFF!!

Posted on 11 25, 2021

12/5(Sun.) Cafe time

Baby Doll Day!!

Posted on 11.25, 2021

12/10(Fri) Bar time

Cuck or Cuck'd

Posted on 11.25, 2021

12/11 (Sat.)Cafe time & Bar time

Let yourself free with naked

Posted on 11.25, 2021

Sweets Petit Party at Cafe time
12/12(Sun.)  Cafe time

===Event Price(include a meall)===
Cafe time---10:00~19:00 Event Price
Couple ¥7,000
A Single Men ¥11,000
A Single Women ¥1,000¥2,000.-OFF can be applied to paid drinks.

Posted on 11.25, 2021

The Members born in December Birthday !!
12/17(Fri.) Cafe time & Bar time

December born member admission 50% OFF !!
(Single men and couples)
(Not applicable for Short Stay Service)
December born of single women Admission FREE & Quo card (¥ 1,000 minutes) gift !!
※ ID card presented.
Other members: in birthday gifts bring ¥ 1,000-OFF !!!

Posted on 11.25, 2021

12/18(Sat.) 14:00~21:00(Event time)

SHIMA Malphus, a bondage master, as a guest.
You can experience Kinbaku (Shibari)

Posted on 11,25, 2021

12/19(Sun.) Cafe time

Bustier & Garter DAY!!

Posted on 11.25, 2021

12/24(Sat.) Bar time

Posted on 11.25, 2021

Merry Sexy Christmas Party !!
12/25(Sat) 12:00~24:00(Event time)

Chrisytams Present BINGO (15:00 & 21:00 Scheduled Start)
〓〓〓Event Price(include a meall & Drinks)〓〓〓
Cafe time If you are staying until 19:00 after 12:00, a separate event fee will be required. A Single Men & couples ¥2,000. A Single Women ¥1,000。

Cafe time---12:00~19:00Cafe time Event Price
Couple ¥8,000
A Single Men ¥12,000
A Single Women ¥1,000

THROUGH TIME---15:00~21:00THROUGH TIME Event Price
Couple ¥10,000
A Single Men ¥14,000
A Single Women ¥1,000

Bar time---19:00~24:00
Couple ¥11,000
A Single Men ¥17,000
A single Women ¥1,000

Those who bring presents on the day or those who come to the store in the Christmas costume or change their clothes will receive ¥ 1,000 OFF.

Posted on 11.25, 2021

12/26 (Sun.) Cafe time

Let's relax and enjoy the special experience with Bliss-out
At the time of entering GANG BANG participation declaration, Couples like entrance fee¥1,000 OFF!!

Posted on 11.25, 2021

Year End Party!!
12/30(Thu.)  10:00 ~ 20:00

2021 Last Event

===Event Price (Light meal included)===
1DAy---10:00~19:00 1DAY Event Price
Couple ¥9,000
A Single Men ¥14,000
A Single Women ¥1,000

With the insertion of meals etc.¥1,000-OFF!!!